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Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

Leonard Peters | Selling Process

Step 1 Sole or multiple agency?

Sole agency is where you allow only one estate agent to market your property for a fixed period of time. The commission for sole agency will be cheaper as the agent has the better percentage of selling your property than as with a multiple agreement.

Multiple agency is where you allow a number of agents to market your property therefore increasing your coverage but also increasing your fees as the agents will have a smaller chance of selling your property yet still incurring advertising costs.

Step 2 Tidying up your home

Once you have instructed an agency to market your home start to think about the condition of your property, unfortunately 1st impressions do count so look at ways of making sure your home looks it best.

Ensure the property is clean and tidy

Make the rooms look as large as possible, you may need to reorganise and move furniture for your room to look its best.

Painting? Properties can quickly look tired with the strains of everyday life especially when you have a family, a lick of fresh paint can quickly brighten up a room but do stick to neutral colours.

Check the exterior of your property, are any of the gutters blocked/leaking are there any slipped tiles? Does the outside need painting? Make sure your property looks it best from the outside in.

Gardens are a real asset to a home so its important to make sure yours looks its best and is not overgrown.

Step 3 Accepting offers

Once you have received an offer we will make sure we have verified any potential buyers details before putting their offers to you. We will already have spoken to the buyers Mortgage broker confirming there position to proceed.

We will make sure if they have a property to sell it is already under offer, you do not want to take your property off the market to only find in 3 months time they still not in a position to proceed.

Selling Process by Leonard Peters